A Louder and More Refined BMW ///M3

A Louder and More Refined BMW ///M3

A few months back I wrote about how I would be keeping the M3 stock. Well that didn’t last all that long. It started with a quick shopping trip on IND and EAS. Soon after I had various trim pieces, modified tint (the old was bothering me) and most recently, a new exhaust. After listening to various sound clips, talking to fellow M3 owners and reading way more than anyone should about exhaust technology, I chose the IPE F1 full race exhaust. It came in on a Wednesday and by Friday night I had a much louder M3. The new sound can only be explained as loud, race and exotic. It truly gives the NA V8 an amazing new sound.

My favorite new hobby is to downshift in a tunnel and let the german creation really sing.

Here is a sound clip, note its quite loud so if you have headphones, be warned! 🙂

Next up for mods is wheels (thinking HRE) and some interior trim pieces.

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