A litl update

A litl update

I am sure you are thinking to yourself did he really just misspell “little” in the subject of this entry? Well the answer is no I didn’t. What I am speaking about is hardly little. I am officially announcing that I am working with the team at Litl in Boston.

For those that don’t know Litl is an intuitive webbook that runs Flash Player and is built around a community of apps “cards” for the user to download with ease.

I actually learned about Litl from Scott Janousek and other Flash enthusiasts about a year ago. Well a few months ago an offer was presented where I got the chance to work with Litl (freelance basis) and I am thrilled.

While I can’t talk about specific projects or concepts I can say its a freaking blast. The Litl team instantly made me feel at home and all of them are a thrill to work with. Stay tuned for more details and of course lots of great tutorials on Litl development over at Scriptplayground in the coming months.

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