A healthier 2009

A healthier 2009

In an attempt to break my normal (don’t make new years resolutions idea) I have decided to make 2009 healthier. It is broken in to 3 easy to understand and pretty much common sense areas. Those areas are Personal Fitness, Eating Healthier and Balanced Work.

The first one, Personal Fitness is something I have *tried* in the past, but after a few weeks I would lose interest and would begin to cut back or simply stop. Well the plan this year is to fight through that because I want to live longer. Now that may sound dark in a way, but its jut common sense, a healthier person is more able to be active and generally happier. Part of the *new* addition to this year is WiiFit. More on that later, but basically its awesome.

The second step, eating healthier may also seem like common sense, but when you stay up late, work all the time and don’t get out at much, you tend to eat junk food, chug Red Bulls to keep your eyes open and always have “munchies” close by. The plan here is to no longer bring snack food into the office, cut back on the sweets overall and basically focus on the 3 meals a day and drink less soda (for more than one reason).

Now the third step, balance work is the key to the success of 1 and 2. Why you ask? Well its simple, if you are always working you need energy (carbs and sugar) which causes you to gain weight and in turn makes healthier you go right out the window. So the plan here is to work a normal set of hours, be online less (even for fun) and engage in more activities.

The obvious goal here would be to become more healthy and happy, which is a pretty awesome reward if you think about it. However, my goals/punishments surround travel, because I love to travel and I figured what better motivator than putting one of the most enjoyable things on the line. The bonus to keeping this goal throughout 2009 is yet to be determined, but I have some ideas.

So, now you may be wondering if this blog is going to become all “pro-fitness”.. well, no it is not going to be. I am in the process of setting I have set up a personal blog which I will track my progress through and will provide a link to that once its set up.

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