2008 – Year in Review

2008 – Year in Review

Just like news organizations I thought it would be fun to post a year in review, for those interested.

Overall 2008 was a great year, I got to travel a bunch, worked on some amazing projects and even had a book published. Sounds interesting? Then read on.

The year started out with me wrapping up my first book, the Flash and PHP Bible with Wiley, which actually began in 2007, but it still counts. Once the book was completed I had the opportunity to travel to Japan with my family, which I absolutely loved. You can read more about that here. I traveled to Florida 4 times for various events and vacations, always bringing my camera and shooting a TON of photos, which I am still cataloging and archiving.

June was the start of a part-time freelance gig with Inverted Creative, a creative studio in Chicago which has given me the opportunity to work with some pretty awesome clients and produce solutions for the music and movie industries.

In all, 2008 was a great year. I did work a lot more than I had originally thought, but that hard work paid off in so many ways.

Not exactly sure what 2009 holds. I do plan to travel a bit more, spend time with family, continue to work on exciting and challenging projects and most of all enjoy it all. One thing I do intend to complete is my list of “free time” projects. Those including a new version of Scriptplayground, Design a Playing Card and AIRPlayground will be launched too.

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