My Thoughts on Trayvon Martin Tragedy

My Thoughts on Trayvon Martin Tragedy

While I realize this is a horrible tragedy (the killing of a young man) banning guns and going all “guns are evil” is a knee jerk reaction at best. Furthermore don’t be so quick to judge the man in question without knowing all of the facts first.

I’ve been a firearms enthusiast for years, went through NRA and LTC-required training in the state of Massachusetts in order to receive my license. Between the psych exams, FBI searches and criminal database inquiries (CORI) almost all avenues are covered for lawful acquisition of an LTC/FID.

All these anti-guns proposals do is stop lawful citizens from owning firearms, it doesn’t stop the criminals from going into any city/town and buying one from a trunk of a car. It doesn’t stop crime or even slow it down (aside from accidental injuries). In regards to police being the only ones that should be allowed to carry? I think not.

I witnessed a serious car accident outside my home and it took 4 minutes for a first responder to show up on scene! 4 minutes? I guess you would still be alive if that were a home invasion and the criminal got lost in your house but in reality the police would be filling out reports, not saving you.

Now back to this story. Its hard to come up with a definitive conclusion since we still don’t have all of the facts. Did he pursue? Was he in danger? Was it self defense? I wish the media would shut up for a minute and let the facts speak for once.. but that won’t happen anytime soon.

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  • Chuck Rylant

    Reply August 8, 2012 9:43 am

    I agree. The police are not there to protect you, contrary to popular belief. At least not directly. There is a bit of that indirectly by fear of consequences, but you must look out for yourself.
    The police are only capable of cleaning up a little afterwards. Good post.

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