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Launch a 6 Figure Creative Studio in 6 Weeks


Are you currently building websites or mobile apps for clients on your own? What if you could leverage your existing network and increase your revenue by changing how you market your services? Sounds awesome.. well the reality is not many do it.

For the past decade I have been working directly with agencies and Fortune 100 brands. Like you, I started as a freelancer working with other companies and I made pretty good money. However, as time went on, I wanted to work with higher caliber clients, challenge myself on projects and help more people. The day I stopped selling myself as a freelancer and changed my marketing strategy, I was able to work on amazing projects and really elevate my business.

Now this didn’t happen overnight, in fact it took a few years to tweak and perfect our process. Along the way I had a lot of trial/error and have spent the last few years putting together a process.

You can see from the process above, one way I set my company apart from many other web firms is I brought process to a fairly hectic industry. This makes it possible to scale the company, work on more than one project (the max for most freelancers) and continue to grow the brand.

Sampling of the clients i’ve personally worked with creating websites and mobile apps.

Time to Help Others

For the past year i’ve been creating video content and distributing that via YouTube. The common request from viewers is to create a beginning to end process that freelancers such as yourself can follow. The end result being a scalable creative studio that can work with other brands and agencies on larger projects.

Well, i’m thrilled to have you guys here because I am in the process of creating that exact resource.

Drop your email below to be a beta tester.

Who is Coderman?

That’s me, with my son. Well.. my name is Matthew Keefe, but I have been using coderman as my online moniker for years. Most recently, on YouTube. It dates back to high school online gaming.

Personalized Conversation

As a thank you for signing up to learn more i’ll personally reach out and schedule a 1-1 Skype or phone call to learn more about your business, explain how this course can help and immediate actions you can take. This introduction call will have zero sales speak, I am genuinely thrilled to help freelancers elevate their personal skills to a scalable brand.

Not for Everyone

This course is not being created for just anyone. In order to be successful at creating a studio you need a few things, besides the technical creative skills.

Sales Skills
You don’t need to be a sales rockstar but you do need to be able to get clients without help from others, most of the time.

Be Fearless
When starting a company you need to wear many hats, which can be intimidating, however if you’re fearless you can tackle it.

Work with Others
Unless you’re a unicorn, you’ll need to work with other creatives (designers, developers, producers, etc..) in order to create larger projects.

Not for you?

If you’re not ready to dive in just yet, I welcome you to check out my YouTube channel with lots of business tips.

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